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Today's top Faucet Direct coupon code: 5% Off Your First Order When You Sign Up For Email. Get 44 Faucet Direct coupons and promo codes for February Results 1 - 48 of Based in Chicago, owowocosof.cf is an online company dedicated to providing a robust selection of replacement faucet and shower.

ET Sat. The main body of the vacuum back of the unit should have a rating label that features your model number. Date code is engraved on the metal prong of the power plug. Power off unit before unplugging from outlet. See details below.

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Promotion valid on sharkclean. This offer is not valid with any prior purchases. Coupon Code can only be used once per order. Cannot be combined with any other coupon code. The SharkNinja Family: Shark Logo Ninja Logo. Upright vacuums Cordless vacuums Robot vacuums Corded stick vacuums. Items in your cart. Checkout Continue shopping.

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Your cart is being updated Your cart is empty Shop now. Coupon applied [[cart. Select model SC Shop accessories Shop accessories. So why not put it to work on other hard-to-clean surfaces in your home? You can erase bathtub scum and streaks in no time.

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It's so versatile, you can even use it as a garment steamer. So the only question is, what do you need cleaned? A deep, chemical-free clean Ability to clean practically anywhere - 10 specialized attachments for all of your cleaning needs Included Accessories: Quantity 1 2 3 4 5. Add to cart. View more.

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General Information. Lacquer and polyurethane coatings provide a hard, durable, protective finish that withstands moisture. The sheen may be removed by the heat, steam, and friction of the cleaning tools. Do not use on unsealed wood surfaces, especially wood antique furniture, unglazed ceramic tile, painted surfaces or surfaces that have been treated with wax, oils, varnish, or shellac. We always recommend you test an isolated area of the surface to be cleaned before proceeding, as well as check the use and care instructions from the surface manufacturer.

Cleaning tip: When cleaning finished wood surfaces, use broad, continuous cleaning strokes. To prevent surface damage, avoid focusing steam or allowing the cleaning tools to sit in one spot. Was this information helpful? Your feedback is on its way to us. Thank you for your feedback. Something went wrong, please try again later. Unplug the cleaner from the electrical outlet.

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Use the provided nozzle cleaner or a small-diameter stiff metal wire, such as a straightened metal paper clip, and carefully insert the end of the wire into the nozzle orifice. Move the wire back and forth several times to remove any deposits. Plug in the appliance to the power outlet and test to note steam output. To prevent clogging, it is recommended that you periodically clean the direct steam nozzle and the extension hose stem with the cleaning tool provided or a paper clip. We recommend only using liquid detergent as powder detergents can leave behind a residue on the microfiber.

What is the all-purpose cleaning pad for? The cylinder shape has a thin profile that offers controlled cleaning in, around, and between areas. Quilted fabric allows for multi-surface, gentle cleaning. The wedge shape is the largest pocket that provides the best all-purpose flat-surface cleaning solution. What is the steam duster cleaning pad for? The "shaggy" fingers provide excellent dusting results, reaching into corners, nooks, and crannies. What is the steam scrubbing pad for?

The woven metallic thread of the scrubbing pocket enhances cleaning action, while the quilted microfiber sides deliver all-purpose cleaning and finishing performance. Effectively engage tough, dried, and stuck-on messes on scratch-free solid surfaces. Use only on scratch-free solid surfaces, such as cooktops, stainless steel, cooking grills, stone countertops marble, granite, tile , concrete, tile and grout.

The scrubbing side of the cleaning pocket is abrasive and can pick up particles that may scratch. Attach the steam bottle nozzle. Align the arrow located on the steam bottle nozzle with the unlock symbol on the nozzle connector. Press in and turn clockwise to secure into place.

The arrow on the nozzle will align with the lock symbol. To remove the steam bottle nozzle, turn counterclockwise to unlock. Use the direct steam spray to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and stubborn sticky messes where focused steam power may be needed. Direct steam spray can loosen and dislodge compact dirt often found in corners and tight places. Spray direct steam and wipe clean with a cleaning cloth. Tip for using the window squeegee: Great for windows, mirrors, and shower doors, the window squeegee provides a streak-free clean.

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Start at the top and gently glide downward, wiping away excess moisture and dirt. Direct steam spray is extremely hot closest to the nozzle and can damage surfaces if held over one spot for too long. Be sure to constantly move and adjust the steam spray to avoid causing damage.

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When cleaning outside windows, avoid any sudden changes in temperature to prevent breakage or cracks. No voucher code required. Tap to go shopping the sale now.

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