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see url Saving a Species series in your classroom, or learn more about how to prepare for careers in the zoological field on this site. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. SeaWorld Orlando. SeaWorld San Antonio. SeaWorld San Diego.

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Classroom Activities. You all have one - that exceptional student that loves nature. The one that begs to be selected as the student to clean the class' guinea pig or aquarium. The one that is always staring out the window, wishing to be outside. The one that idolizes famous scientists like Jacques Cousteau or Dian Fossey. The one that will someday become a future conservation hero, protecting the world we share. Every animal we rescue, every person we educate, and every species we save can be linked to a teacher who shared their passion for animals.

We were that student in the classroom. We owe a lot to you -- the teacher. You can purchase SeaWorld tickets online here. Also, there is always an annual coupon book for San Antonio attractions that you can download from this website. To purchase SeaWorld discount tickets online, click on the "Attraction Offers" picture.

Hotel tourist brochure racks in and around Texas also feature discount coupons from time to time.

You may wish to check your hotel's free tourist handouts if you have forgotten to print up a discount coupon before leaving home. Be sure to ask your hotel if they're one of the San Antonio hotels who offer either of these perks for SeaWorld visitors. SeaWorld's Facebook page occasionally announces surprise discounts: It doesn't happen often, but you may wish to check SeaWorld San Antonio's Facebook page before you head out to the theme park.

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SeaWorld San Antonio is pleased to offer Texas credentialed Pre-K school teachers a FREE SeaWorld Card that provides unlimited admission to SeaWorld . For all active, certified K Florida teachers. SeaWorld San Antonio. All credentialed Texas teachers. SeaWorld San Diego. Available to Southern California.

Because there are occasionally times when you might catch a spur-of-the-moment discount. These flash-sale discounts only last for a couple of hours or days However, if you arrive at SeaWorld without planning ahead, it's still better than no discount at all. Show your card at the SeaWorld ticket booth to redeem this deal.

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First, pick up your favorite items and add to your shopping cart. What could be more fun than visiting Sea World in Texas? More Grab up your favorite items at seaworld. It get stucked on the Third step who is going. Not much

Group discounts for one-day tickets are somewhat bigger than individuals or small families can get. If you join up with your friends so that you all visit SeaWorld in one day, you'll only need 15 people to get the larger discount! There are several restrictions. First of all, one person must pay for all of these tickets Group tickets must all be purchased at the same time with the same credit or debit card. Also, group discounts are only valid on one-day tickets Here's a link to the Group Tickets page of SeaWorld's website, where you can make your purchase or find out further info.

Sea World also offers a variety Annual Passes, which will help you save money if you want to visit the park more than one time this year. They have been replaced by a new discount program called Silver Cards or Silver Passes.


Silver Cards do not include free parking For example, if you get your annual pass in July, you may keep using it clear until the following July. This is an expensive pass for the die-hard fans who want a luxury park experience. We've had this pass before, and is it ever nice! If you've got little kids or seniors in your party, this is a really nice benefit especially at the end of a long day when everyone feels like they can't walk another step, and you've got a toddler on your shoulders, to top things off.

With a platinum pass, you also get free reserved seating at popular showswhich is another big benefit to families with wiggly kids as well as for any group who has a busy day planned, with no time to spare for long waits before show time. SeaWorld actually has 11 parks in total, which include Busch Gardens locations in Virginia and Florida, plus Sesame Place in Pennsylvaniaand you're welcome to visit any of them them FREE with your platinum pass, as well.

To help you find out which SeaWorld pass is best for you, you should carefully read all the information on the park's Annual Pass pages before making a selection.

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If you visit the park several times each year, getting an Annual Pass will help you save plenty of money in comparison to buying one-day tickets each time in the long run. Passes literally turn what could have been one expensive family outing into a series of money-saving entertainment events that lasts the whole year long!

San Antonio Explorer Card Great savings on multiple attractions. Will you be visiting several attractions during your San Antonio vacation?

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Most out-of-town families will. And this new program can make it possible for you to save money on SeaWorld AND the other attractions you visit, as well. How does it work? You purchase a pass that's good at the attractions you select. There are several plans and prices. Then, you print out your passes and take them directly to the attractions that you've selected.

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It's that simple. Our family has used passes from this company. They've operated in other cities for many years.

We enjoyed the convenienceand the savings, as well. Besides SeaWorld, what other attractions can you choose to visit? The biggest drawback is that you can't get Six Flags Fiesta Texas on your card. Despite that one drawback, it's a good deal if you're already planning to visit the other attractions that are on the list.

That's not quite accurate, since they're figuring that you'd pay full price to visit SeaWorld without them. No, you wouldn't. You'd get some kind of a discount. To see the full listing and get further details, here's a link to the San Antonio Explorer Card website. FREE tickets for members of the military and their families: If you're in the military, you can get one free Sea World ticket each year How do you qualify? Here are Sea World's direct words, so there won't be any confusion.

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They say: Sometimes this link can be slow-loading for some reason. While there's usually not a free-ticket program running for veterans, there is nearly always a special ticket deal that'll get you a good discount. Like the discounts for active military members, these special deals are not available at the gate Here's an excellent money-saver for families with small children.

This discount was new for , then ran again in This is a VERY good discount for families, needless to say Just at the age when children are starting to love rides and are absolutely crazy about animals, Sea World makes it much more affordable for their families to explore SeaWorld with them. What's the deal?