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How to Get Coupons Mailed to Your House Michael's Crafts , for example, is known for offering coupons for 50 percent off one item in their sales flyers. A huge perk of having a grocery store's shopper card is that it allows you to take advantage of special discounts and deals. You'll typically need to visit customer service and provide your name and address. Some grocery stores also mail out paper coupon booklets throughout the year.

This may be at times like when the seasons change or when there are special store events. Giant Eagle , for example, often sends out coupon booklets when they have their annual freezer goods sale. Contact a company with a compliment, a complaint, or even with just a request for coupons, and some may respond by sending coupons. You can do this via email on the contact pages of most companies.

Make sure your message is direct and polite even if you are contacting them with a complaint. Krazy Coupon Lady lists a number of companies that have been known to send coupons direct when you contact them, which include major brands like Barber Foods and Celestial Seasonings. Many brands will also send free coupons with your purchase when you buy an item from them online, so make sure you don't throw out that box or empty packaging before you check for a coupon. A couple places that do this include HP and Davidson's Tea , though there are others.

Many sites claim to offer tons of freebies, and some advertise coupons too. Be cautious with these types of sites, however, as they don't always have legitimate offers and you may end up with a lot of unwanted spam or junk mail. It's often best to go the more direct routes like those mentioned above. Getting coupons mailed to you may take a few minutes of time to sign up for an email subscription or a loyalty program, but it can be worth it. You'll be rewarded with savings as well as the convenience.

All Rights Reserved. Hello there, I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for making your Green Giant SteamFresh varieties, particularly the broccoli and cheese one. These are so easy to use, and I love that I can store them in my deep freezer and just pull one out when my meals need an extra side. I like the cheese one because we love broccoli and cheese but I hate cleaning the cheese off of the side of the pan afterward. This way there is no mess to clean up afterward!

Thanks for a quick and easy product! I just wanted to drop you a note about your Secret Gel Deodorant. I bought this deodorant rather than my usual one because it promised better things than the regular Secret deodorant. Sometimes I will get no gel, other times a huge glob will shoot up and my underarm becomes sticky.

It smells great though; if this scent were in a stick I would definitely buy it.

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I thought I would teach you my favorites ways – how to get free coupons by mail. But first, if you love coupons you will also love meal planning and cooking with. One of my favorite ways to get free manufacturer coupons is to email the manufacturer. Angelic Bake House, contact/.

Thank you for your time. Just as a side note to that last letter, Secret sent me a coupon for a free deodorant to replace the bad one. Complaining politely works just as well as complaining in an angry fashion.

2. Barber Foods

When you write a company to complain, be sure to have the product handy. Include as much information as you can, including the UPS number and the product code. This gives credibility to your complaint A lot of people unfortunately complain erroneously just to get free things and also lets the manufacturer know if there is a problem with a whole batch. Several different complaints and they may recall the item. We want the product to get better! Even when you are writing a compliment try to include the product UPC and manufacturer code if you have one. If the company sees you actually buy their item you might get better coupons.

I have seen a difference in what coupons companies send out. My friend and I both wrote a company in the same week. She included a product code; I was in a hurry and did not.

She got three coupons for free products, I got three. Lesson learned there. Do you have photos that include the product? Sometimes a company will give you the opportunity to upload a photo. I imagine this is mostly for product complaints, but I have uploaded a few photos of their item at a barbecue, or a birthday party. I have received free coupons each time I did this. Not fail proof, but something to think about if you happen to have a photo anyhow. So in review, you can find manufacturers to write in your coupon binder, in your house, or in a database. Consider not asking for coupons but instead complimenting the product.

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Tell them how much your kid loves having Buzz Lightyear on their diaper. Or how your exhausted husband loves their frozen lasagna when he comes home from work. Complain only when you have a reason to. Keep your letters reasonably short, there are real people reading them. Now, go out and get writing! Choose three or six and do a few each day. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Ask for envelopes and stamps for birthday or christmas! Then you can justify sending letters.

Terrie no it would not because email you will get a more faster response and you won't have to pay shipping or anything!!! I would love to have coupons sent to me its hard to wrtie letters when stamps is so much. Iemail is faster. I really loved this your article. I love the way you advised your readers not to ask for something free and to include the product info. I never thought to do that, how creative! This article was beautifully written. I look forward to reading more of your coupon related articles! I live in the UK do you think it will work here I do use coupons but its not as good as it looks in America x.

When you write to a company, do you ever ask for just a coupon and not for a free product? I think asking for a coupon is reasonable.

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There are many different ways to get coupons. Your e-mail address is totally secure. How long after signing up for those sites did you start to get things in the mail? It is so well designed! Not fail proof, but something to think about if you happen to have a photo anyhow.

What do you think? I love this idea, Colleen. I'm going to try it out next week and see what happens. Voted up for awesome! Nice Hub. I prefer to email companies instead of using a 49 cents stamp. Do you have any luck with email? Usually when you contact the company, there is a space that is required for you to put your address.

On the rare occasion that there is no space, I do add my address on the bottom, under where I have signed my name.

16 Companies That Will Send You Free High-Value Coupons

So, do you include your address in the e-mails so they can send you coupons or do they reply and ask for it if they plan on sending any? I feel like if I just tacked it on at the end of an e-mail, it's basically the same thing as asking for coupons directly. Great article.

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We coupon a lot. I never thought to write our favorite companies. I've been couponing for years, even before it became the "extreme" type, but had gotten away from it for a few years. Just getting back into it and have even Hubbed on it. The one thing I have not yet done was to write the manufacturers Thanks for the hub. I have never actually sent a letter through snail mail. It is possible that you would get better coupons this way, but you would have to decide if spending the stamp is worth risking no reply or a handful of.

I find that the answers I get using email are generally good, however an experiment about which way gets better results would be interesting to try!

25 Companies Who Will Mail You Coupons for Free

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For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Coupon Mom: Colleen Fowler more. Free coupons I have gotten in the mail. Free things companies have sent me. Where to FInd Manufacturers to Write There are several different ways to decide which companies to write. What to Write Now that you know whom to write, what do you write?