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40 Funky And Unique Wall Clocks That Are The Coolest Ever!

follow url Unlike other time measuring tools like the calendar, the clock measures the smallest unit of time. Due to the great importance of this household tool, it has been modified into various forms like the wristwatch and digital clock. But these modifications do not limit the importance of the wall clock.

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In fact, there are various models of the wall clock which are unique in their designs and used for various purposes. These unique wall clocks can be differentiated in terms of their designs and other outstanding features. This review shows you the various models of unique wall clocks that can be used to beautify your home and add more aesthetic value to a room. With a primary color of brown and a secondary color of black, Mid Century Sunburst is one of the unique wall clocks that will improve the aesthetic value of your room.

Made of high-quality wood with a metal clock hand, Mid Century Sunburst Wall Clock can be used as a birthday gift or simply hang in the room as an additional decorative item.

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Find it here. This unique wall clock is designed for anyone who wants to get a feel of nature. Stained Glass Tree of Life offers a graphic symbol of the four seasons in the year. Made from bamboo and designed for anyone who wants to maintain absolute silence in the room. This is a good choice for all beauty lovers. Do you want beauty? Then Green Peel Wall Clock is for you. Made from metal, this unique wall clock offers intrinsic value to the room. Find it Here. This amazing beauty tool comes with a 2-year warranty.

As the perfect time item for your room or office, the wall clock literally glows at night, adding more aesthetic value to your living space. Do you want to feel the glow? Do you love chemistry? Are you a science lover? Then, this unique wall clock is for you. Periodic Table Wall Clock is designed in such a way that the twelve elements from the periodic table are fully represented according to their atomic number. You can use it to keep track of the time in the laboratory or simply place it in your room as a good reminder of the importance of science to our daily lives.

With its orange color, this unique wall clock gives your room or office a special value. You can also request for a custom model, making it easier for you to order a clock of your choice. This wall clock brings a unique kind of attraction to your bar space or gallery wall. With its multi-coloured pattern, the wall clock is a good fit for those who have a good fashion sense. This is a rectangular shape beauty clock. The clock numbers have special figures that are specially designed in such a way that your room, office or workshop will have a refreshing look. Another interesting feature of this amazing clock is its soundless ticking property.

That is, you get to improve the look of your home while maintaining the stillness of the room. This wall clock comes in various sizes. The clock is numbered with white figures and there is a choice to either order it with four figures 12, 3, 6, and 9 or without any figure. This is one of the wall clocks that comes in different forms. You can order this amazing piece by selecting a model of your choice. This is another way of improving the beauty of your home. This wall clock is recommended for people who love tiny items. This Wall clock has a beige primary color a brown secondary color.

It makes no ticking sound, making it of great use in the room, office or any other place where no sound is needed.

Square Funky Fun Wall Clock

Do you love cats? This clock is designed in such a way that your pet becomes your timekeeper. This clock is made of top quality European lime wood.

Do you want a master clock piece that will add more value to the room? Oakland Gears Sculptural Wall Clock offers these and more. This amazing piece of artwork helps to improve the quality of your home through the radiation of latent beauty. This unique wall clock is made from recycled bicycle wheel. One other interesting benefit of this clock is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. How cool is that? Do you desire a unique wall clock for your kitchen?

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The Pineapple Wall Clock is a great choice for all fruit lovers and anyone looking for a piece of time tracking device for their kitchen. This is an outstanding time tracking tool for everyone who wants to have a taste of real beauty. These Wall Clocks have several designs, and it covers all areas of interest.

White back and contrasting black hands.

Norm Architects from Denmark have designed a wall clock with clean lines stripped of all unnecessary details. The minimalistic Marble Wall Clock's reminiscent design allo Menu Norm Steel Clock is a light and unadorned clock with steel hands. The Metal Wall Clock is a celebration of materiality, color and simplicity. Reducing the clo Menu Menu: Creative Motion Heart Desk Paper Standard;Bedside Base Standard; Bedside. Bronzed Brass. ORNEFeaturesAt first it will look like a normal clock but if you take a better look it will blow your mind!

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Watch as the dial slowly changes from Roman numerals to Ar Turquoise Ebern Designs Austyn Face material: Fabric Uses one AA battery not included Simple and Watch as the dial slowly changes from Roman numerals to Arabic Creative Motion. More Photos. See It. You Might Like.

Cardboard Safari.

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Blond Bamboo. See at Wayfair.

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Not only does it help you be intentional with what — and how much — you're eating , but it also saves precious time in the mornings, too. The Treble C See at Target. LeatherClocks 4. This steaming kettle wall clock is perfect for the kitchen. An Oh Clocks gift card is the perfect way to give the gift of time.

Caramel Bamboo. Hermle Clocks. Creative Motion This clock features a unique design for home or office. See at Walmart. This clock features a unique design for home or of Brayden Studio. Era Wall Clock. Silent quartz movementBlack back and contrasting w What To Buy Now. See at Houzz. Black back and contrasting Round Wall Clock. White back and contrasting Menu Norm Norm Architects from Denmark have designed a wall Menu Norm Steel Clock is a light and unador Menu Picks from.

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